Monday, February 28, 2011

Peers Or Not? Comcast And Level 3 Slug It Out At FCC’s Doorstep

The big headlines about the dispute between Level 3 Communications and Comcast over the latter’s access charges may have subsided, but don’t let that fool you. Like so many telecom wars, this one has migrated to the antechambers of the Federal Communications Commission. There, both sides are battling over whether the feud comes under the FCC’s authority via its still-unofficial net neutrality rules.
“It would be ironic and unfortunate if, as we begin the era of growing broadband connectivity and use, the Commission effectively abdicated jurisdiction over broadband Internet services in a way that reduces choice and openness for the American consumer,” Level 3 is warning the agency.
Au contraire, insists Comcast. “This has been, is, and will remain a dispute about the terms of an existing arrangement for network interconnection. It is not properly before this Commission.”
Is not? Is too? Let’s recap this story and see how the behind-the-scenes slugfest is going.
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